Harcoat CIC-1000

Harcoat CIC-1000 Ceramic Insulation Coating

Harcoat CIC 1000 is a Ceramic Insulation Coating which is specifically formulated to provide a seamless insulation barrier, to prevent or reduce condensation formation and to provide personnel protection to the ASTM 1057 skin touch test. Harcoat CIC 1000 can eliminate the need for conventional insulation and jacketing for process equipment and piping with temperatures operating up to 180°C.

The coating acts as a thermal barrier, protecting interior temperatures against cold, warm, and humid exterior temperatures. The coating system allows for visual inspection and makes any future maintenance easy to identify.

Harcoat CIC 1000 is a waterborne, single component Ceramic Insulation coating. It has a high film build capability up to 1.5mm DFT (Dry Film Thickness) in a single coat, resulting in improved process control efficiency, energy and cost savings.

Why Insulation is Used?

  • To reduce the energy costs
  • To give a ROI (return on investment)
  • To protect the personnel
  • To improve the working environment
  • To control condensation
  • To improve process controls
  • To improve the lifecycle costs within the facility

CIC 1000 Applications

CIC 1000 can be used to offer thermal insulation, energy retention, prevention of condensation, personnel protection in various industries, like:

Chemical & Petrochemical | Food/Beverage Processing | Storage Tanks | Sugar Mills | Corn Mills | Pulp & Paper Mills | Asphalt Plants | Power Generation Plants | Construction.

Application Areas

CIC 1000 provides a seamless insulation layer even on irregular substrates and it can be used on:

  • Storage Tanks
  • Pipes & Valves
  • Boilers & Heaters
  • Process Equipment
  • HVAC Installations
  • Areas vulnerable to corrosion
cic advantages
cic application areas

Advantages of CIC 1000

  • Very fast application with minimal man hours
  • Long lifespan with little maintenance needed
  • Reflects heat back into source
  • Applicable to hot substrates, with no need to stop production
  • Reducing facility's energy costs
  • Reducing CO2 and other polluting emissions output
  • Scaffolding is not necessary on tall applications, only a man lift
  • Enables visual inspection without removing the insulation
  • Protection from corrosion under insulation

How CIC 1000 Works

  • Heat transfers in three different ways; Radiation, Conduction & Convection
  • CIC 1000 repels radiated heat, reflects convected heat and resists conducted heat
  • CIC 1000 is the most effective at reflecting the heat back into the source where it was originated
  • CIC 1000 combines all aspects of heat transfer to create its unique insulation capacity
  • The ceramic qualities of the CIC 1000 continue to work even if the coating gets dirty through time

CIC 1000 In Your Facility

  • Very fast process with smaller cews and less tome to complete the application
  • Applicable to hot substrates, so no need to stop production
  • Scaffolding is not necessary on tall applications, only a man lift
  • No risk of overspray, as dry fall is within 1-2 meters
  • Minimizes future maintenance needs
  • Protects from Corrosion Under Insulation
  • Enables visual inspection without removing the insulation
  • Withstands foot traffic
  • Easily repaired if mechanical damage takes place
cic in your facility

Where Can CIC 1000 Be Used?

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Valves
  • Storage Tanks
  • Paper Mills