Description – ASO TAPE (TPE) Thermoplastic joint tape for waterproofing joints

ASO-Tape is a highly flexible and durable sealing tape for watertight structures. Combined with the universal epoxy resin adhesive ASODUR-K4031 can be used for sealing construction and expansion joints as well as sealing cracks and defects in concrete constructions. It is also suitable for additional sealing treatment on transitions, permeations or various construction materials. 

2mm Thickness, 200mm & 250mm (300mm, 500mm, 1000mm)


  • Proven system for waterproofing construction & expansion joints
  • High movement capacity
  • No activation necessary
  • Impermeable to fluids even against negative pressure
  • Wastewater & chemical resistant
  • Ozone, chlorine & UV resistant
  • Suitable for marine structures
  • Can be applied to matt damp substrates without priming
  • Adhesive: ASODUR K4031 thixotropic epoxide universal adhesive