Self Adhesive Viscoelastic Waterproofing Tape

Conmix ConTape is a highly performance self-adhesive cold applied tape, composed of a layer of visoelastic butyl and a non-woven geotextile backing. The backing material strengthens the tape in transversal direction. Conmix ConTape is used to provide waterproof flexible bridge over all joints, intersections, cracks, cuts, gaps, overlaps, etc. on concrete, wood, metal and variety of substrates. Can be used in wet areas, bathrooms, kitchens, pods, overlapping joints on profiled metal roofs, J-hooks, metal gutters, etc. along with liquid applied waterproofing membranes.


Glass Fibre Mesh

Conmix Fibre Mesh is made up of glass fibres to be used as sandwich media between two layers of liquid coatings and membrane. Conmix Fibre Mesh is used to strengthen the liquid applied to membranes and protective coatings from MoyaProof, MoyaShield and ResiGard range at various locations like covings, pipe penetrations, projections, substrate cracks, sharp edges, overlap joints and J-hooks in corrugated metal roofs, flanges, junctions of two dissimilar materials, etc…