MSASA is a premium waterproofing specialist that improves concrete structures. Our XYPEX products are specifically incorporated to be uniquely integrated into capillary tracts of the various structures.

The waterproofing process is integral in maintaining structural integrity and foundation strength. This ultimately reduces humidity within the structure and protects buildings from water exposure. Chemical components of the technology enhance the chemical composition of the capillaries.

XYPEX is differentiated in the market due to the capacity of applications in terms of the surfaces of the application. The XYPEX does not require significant maintenance and cannot puncture or tear apart at the seams.

An additional point to consider is that the waterproofing solution from MSASA does not require protection during backfilling or placement of steel and wire mesh.

The cost-effectiveness of the waterproofing solution ensures that the water pressure is maintained and kept consistent. The application advantages of the waterproofing systems are the sense of permanence and are less likely to be encountered by deterioration factors. The surface adhesion is resistant to extreme hydrostatic pressure, while the seal hairline would only crack up to 0.4mm.

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