Solvent Free Epoxy Tar Protective Coating

ResiGard ET SF is a two-component, solvent free, tar extended, high build, polyamide cured epoxy coating, specifically formulated to provide excellent abrasion ad chemical resistance to steel or concrete, on horizontal or vertical surfaces including areas subject to permanent immersion. ResiGard ET SF can be used as a protective coating against corrosion of structures in aggressive environments such as; sewerage works, foundations, retaining walls, drainage, chemical treatment plants, food treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, man hole lining, marine structures like jetties, piers, sea water tanks, steel pipes, etc…


Solvent Free Epoxy Based Primer and Coating System

ResiGard Primer SF is used as a priming coat on cementitious, wood and steel surfaces prior to application of ResiGard range coatings. Typical areas of application include carparks, factory floors, food industry, kitchens, aircraft hangers, hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, warehouses, etc… It can also be used as a clear coat to maintain colour and appearance of substrate which are not exposed to UV rays.


UV Resistant Polyurethane Coating for Steel and Concrete

ResiGard PU is a two-component, UV stable, high quality acrylic polyurethane based protective, wear resistant coating. ResiGard PU can be applied on a variety of surfaces including concrete, steel and fully cured epoxies. It is recommended in areas requiring chemical resistance, protection against UV rays and areas exposed to aggressive environments such as; marine structures, pharmaceutical plants, carpark decks, battery rooms, textile industry, poultry farms, electronic manufacturing units, etc…