CS Expansion Joints

traditional Methods

Winged seals with elastomeric concrete fail regularly. Wheeled impact causes hairline cracks in elastomeric concrete in typical applications. Through further wheeled impact, cracking becomes more severe until the seal’s wing pulls away.

the solution

A one-piece EPDM rubber system. The shoulder of the Zip Block is substantial enough to withstand wheeled impact (even snow ploughs), regardless of the condition of the slab edge below. ZB’s epoxy bond holds under constant deflection and temperature changes.


Zip Block has been subjected to rigorous testing, including rolling loads of 1,350kg per wheel, with simultaneous vertical slab deflection; sub-zero temperature testing, including several freeze-thaw cycles; and all applicable ASTM cycling tests. At 35,000 cycles the seal exhibited no wear or tear from the rolling load.


Installation Instructions - ZB100-400

Banbury Station Car Park Expansion Joints