We provide the best waterproofing solutions

MSASA is a premium waterproofing specialist that improves concrete structures. Our XYPEX products are specifically incorporated to be uniquely integrated into capillary tracts of the various structures. The waterproofing process is integral in maintaining structural integrity and foundation strength. This ultimately reduces humidity within the structure and protects buildings from water exposure. Chemical components of […]

Why is waterproofing necessary?

Waterproofing is important to consider when you want to decrease the amount of exposure your concrete technology encounters. Avoiding the issue of moisture collecting within the house means you might be left with a strange damp wrinkled look on your ceilings and walls. Here are a few important reasons that waterproofing is necessary. Protection Your walls and […]

Fairchance Sewer Line Extension


Fairchance Sewer Line Extension   Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA Xypex products used: Bio-San C500 For this sewer line extension, the manholes along the force main required protection from microbial induced corrosion. Liners or coatings would normally be used to perform this function. As these are expensive and time consuming to install, the engineers decided to specify […]

Chatham Park WWTP


Chatham Park WWTP Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA Xypex products used: Admix C-500, Bio-San C500 Chatham Park is 7,000 acre mixed-use development, including: commercial, retail, entertainment, hotel, restaurant and office spaces as well as 22,000 residential units. A wastewater treatment plant was constructed specifically for this development. Due to the potentially high levels of H2S in the […]

American Furniture Manholes

American Furniture Manholes   Texas, USA A new American Furniture and Mattress warehouse was built in Webster, Texas, requiring the installation of sanitary and storm water manholes and a catch basin. The design team was looking for corrosion protection for the manholes and chose Xypex Bio-San C500 over the alternate antimicrobial admixture. Xypex Bio-San C500 […]

Mitchell Interchange Tunnels

Mitchell Interchange Tunnels   Wisconsin, USA The I-94 North – South Freeway is one of Wisconsin’s most important transportation corridors. This section of the freeway was in need of a major re-structuring to significantly reduce congestion and improve travel safety. A critical component of this project is the Mitchell Interchange comprising, amongst other things, three […]

Sydney Harbour Tunnel

Sydney Harbour Tunnel   Sydney, Australia Commencing in September of 1991, repair systems using Xypex Concentrate and Patch’n Plug were used as part of an ongoing program of repair and maintenance of the North and South land driven tunnels and transition tunnels of this renown structure. Xypex products were selected ahead of some 52 others […]

Sydney Airport Tunnel – M5 Motorway

Sydney Airport Tunnel – M5 Motorway   Sydney, Australia Xypex was used to meet the concrete waterproofing specifications for the freeway (road) tunnel which runs below the Cooks River beside Sydney’s Mascot Airport. The project involved two contracts – one for 5,000 m3 (Cooks River trough section) and another for 1,200 m3 (Turella Shaft Tunnel). […]

Okachimachi Tunnel

Okachimachi Tunnel   Japan Xypex products were used to waterproof various areas of the Okachimachi Tunnel which forms a section (495 metres) of a new artery created for Japan’s famous Bullet Trains linking the Tokyo and Ueno Stations. Design was under the supervision of East Japan Railway Company and the tasks involved the expansion of […]

J-PARC Synchrotron Tunnel

J-PARC Synchrotron Tunnel Tokai, Ibaraki, Japan The Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) is a new high intensity proton accelerator using MW class high power beams up to 50 GeV – the highest beam power of any accelerator in the world. Because of the sensitivity of this synchrotron and the radioactive processes involved, protecting it […]