Chatham Park WWTP

Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA

Xypex products used: Admix C-500, Bio-San C500

Chatham Park is 7,000 acre mixed-use development, including: commercial, retail, entertainment, hotel, restaurant and office spaces as well as 22,000 residential units. A wastewater treatment plant was constructed specifically for this development.

Due to the potentially high levels of H2S in the Bioreactor McKim & Creed, the engineers of record specified the use of a high build acid resistant coating to protect the concrete. Bowen Engineering proposed to the engineers Xypex Bio-San C500 as an alternate to this coating because it contains Xypex’s antimicrobial crystalline technology. This technology protects the concrete from microbial induced corrosion by killing the acid-producing bacteria. It also contains crystalline technology thereby providing watertight, chemically resistant concrete at the same time. Thus, Xypex Bio-San C500 provides similar protection of the concrete while eliminating the long term maintenance requirements associated with periodic replacement of protective coatings.

In other parts of the structure such as the headworks and various tanks, Xypex Admix C-500 was used to provide watertight, chemically resistant concrete and where appropriate to protect installed liners from negative side hydrostatic push off. The use of Xypex products will provide cost effective, long term protection and waterproofing to the concrete of this new piece of critical infrastructure.