Fairchance Sewer Line Extension

  Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA

Xypex products used: Bio-San C500

For this sewer line extension, the manholes along the force main required protection from microbial induced corrosion. Liners or coatings would normally be used to perform this function. As these are expensive and time consuming to install, the engineers decided to specify the inclusion of Xypex Bio-San C500 admixture in the pre-cast concrete.

Xypex Bio-San C500 contains antimicrobial ingredients that kill the acid-producing microbes present in H2S environments and protect the concrete from corrosion. Xypex Bio-San C500 also contains Xypex Crystalline Technology that has crack-healing ability and ensures the concrete is watertight and further protected from chemical attack.

Apart from the performance features of Bio-San C500, it is also added at the time of concrete batching which means there is no need for the installation and welding of liners; this brings significant savings in time and expense. The distinctive colour of Bio-San treated concrete allows for easy identification at the plant or on site.

The inclusion of Xypex Bio-San C500 in this project reduced overall costs while also ensuring lowered maintenance costs and a significant extension in the life expectancy of this critical infrastructure project.