CS offers a range of expansion joint covers which have been designed to meet the demanding movement conditions found in parking structures. There is a solution to suit any indoor or outdoor parking solution.

Parking Seals
Traditional winged seals with elastomeric concrete fail regularly. In typical applications wheeled impact causes hairline cracks in the elastomeric concrete.  Through further wheeled impact, cracking becomes more severe until the seal’s wing pulls away.

Our Solution to this problem is the Zip Block (ZB) series, a one-piece EPDM system. The shoulder of theZip Block is substantial enough to withstand wheeled impacy (even show ploughs) regardless of the condition of the slab edge below. Easily installed, the ZB’s epoxy bond holds up under constant deflection and temperature extremes.

Zip Block series – one piece EPDM elastomeric seals with integral nosing, which is bonded to the substrate with high strength epoxy adhesive. ZB is sealed on each side with a urethane sealant, resulting in an extremely durable and watertight joint system. This system can be installed over green concrete and is suitable for retro-fit application.

Joint width – up to 100mm | Horizontal movement  up to ± 40mm

Other parking seals in our Car Park range:

HB series – is a one-piece, extruded EPDM elastomeric seal with integral epoxy reservoirs, bonded into a high-strength epoxy bedding, designed for use in parking decks and other watertight concrete deck application. Proper installations will result in an extremely durable and watertight joint system, which achieves ± 50% movement capability.

Joint width – up to 100mm | Horizontal movement  up to ± 50mm

HS series – is a non-compressed closed cell ethylene vinyl acetate foam. It is made from a monolithic piece of foam that will not delaminate like multi-layer products. Once installed, the material adapts to the width of the joint and the irregularities of the substrate provided such changes are not sudden or extreme.

Joint width – up to 300mm | Horizontal movement  up to ± 40mm

KP series – A durable, long term joint solution that nonetheless installs in less than a minute. These high quality EPDM elastomer profiles are extruded in one piece to withstand heavy rolling traffic and exterior applications.

Joint width – up to 120mm | Horizontal movement  up to ± 40mm