Car Park Expansion Joint Covers at Banbury Station Multi-Storey

As part of a £10 million investment by the Department of Transport, a new 707 space multi-storey car park has recently been completed at Banbury train station, offering passengers improved access to the station. To meet the demanding structural movement conditions expected in the car park, CS supplied and installed 90 metres of Zip Block […]

Parking Expansion Joint Covers in Casino Multi-Storey

For a busy place like The Star casino complex in Sydney, it’s important for visitors and employees alike to be able to come and go from the car park without any hassles. But after a significant amount of wear and tear, The Star’s existing metal expansion joint covers were leaking between floors. Not only that, […]

4 Parking Garage Expansion Joint Covers

CS offers a range of expansion joint covers which have been designed to meet the demanding movement conditions found in parking structures. There is a solution to suit any indoor or outdoor parking solution. Parking Seals Traditional winged seals with elastomeric concrete fail regularly. In typical applications wheeled impact causes hairline cracks in the elastomeric […]