For a busy place like The Star casino complex in Sydney, it’s important for visitors and employees alike to be able to come and go from the car park without any hassles. But after a significant amount of wear and tear, The Star’s existing metal expansion joint covers were leaking between floors. Not only that, they were a trip hazard too as the fixings began to dislodge.

Beyond safety concerns, visitors to The Star were also contending with major noise issues. The casino’s patrons were distracted by the sound of cars driving over the metal joints — less than ideal when focusing on enjoying a game of Blackjack or heading out for an evening of entertainment.

As part of a refurbishment to the car park to address these issues, The Star selected CS Zip Block expansion joint covers, the most popular cover in our parking expansion joint covers range.

Zip Block provided an all-in-one solution. A revolutionary waterproofed one-piece expansion joint cover that installs without the need for messy elastomeric concrete, ZipBlock took care of the leaking and noise issues at The Star in one fell swoop. Plus, its impressive slip rating makes it ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic.

With Zip Block parking expansion joint covers in place, The Star’s visitors don’t have to worry about leaking water in the car park, trip hazards or excessive noise.

Beyond Zip Block, we offer many different parking expansion joint covers suited to a range of needs. See if these products are right for you by getting in touch with us. Or, simply order a sample to see for yourself.

Product Focus

Zip Block (ZB) is a water-proof, one-piece extruded EPDM elastomeric seal with integral nosings, which is bonded to the substrate with high strength epoxy adhesive.

Zip Block is much stronger than traditional elastomeric concrete systems providing a problem-free long-term joint solution.